Are You Suffering From Early Climaxes in The Bed? Myth-Busters Inside!


Premature climaxes are nothing which we have not heard before. In fact, almost in every guy’s life, at one point of time, we all suffer from this problem. This is nothing to be ashamed of or there is nothing we can not solve by talking or taking proper medication (if needed of course). This article by Toronto escorts exposes some of the common myths about this very common problem:

1. It is just a young man’s problem

No its not!

Premature Ejaculation is not just a young man’s problem as per the popular belief. According to a report from NCBI, a survey was done on Korean men and the results were shocking:

Age group -> % of premature ejaculation problems found

20-29 -> 28%

30-39 -> 30%

40-49 -> 30%

50+ -> 12%

So, it is pretty clear that people with higher age groups have this problem more frequently than the young aged people.

2. It is Genetics!

There are 4 different types of premature climaxes. Out of those four, 2 are acquired PE and variable PE. These problems cannot be passed from parents to their son by genetics. So, if you are having this issue, the chances of your son having the same is minimum (at least through you).

However, if you have Premature Ejaculation in your genes, it is not necessary that the issue will be activated in normal and happy circumstances. Stress and depression can trigger it and make you come early kin bed.

3. The man doesn’t want to give his best!

It is not the guy’s fault that he’s not lasting long in the bed. He can’t control when he is about to come. Also, this is not something which can not be treated by general exercise practices.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Let Go of Your Ex And Move On


Relationships are wonderful. Nothing is better than the butterflies that keep fluttering in your stomach when you get a call from your partner. When it is new, there are sparks flying everywhere. You can’t  keep your hands off each other. The weekends are filled with steamy sex, and long cuddling sessions. In all, you have a wonderful life, and it just can’t get any better.

However, many people don’t get the luxury of having an enduring relationship. The reasons are endless – A partner decides to cheat on the other, or decides to sabotage his financial independence, or becomes too possessive to the extent that it becomes suffocating, the list can go on and on. Whatever be the reason, it never is easy to be on the other side when you have broken up. You need to get out and you need to get out of bad times real quick.

We bring you Ten Reasons Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Ex And Move On.

1. You Need To Find The Real You

Sex with yourself

When you are in a relationship most of your energy and attention is devoted towards the likes and dislikes of the other person, making compromises that you can and discussing topics where you cannot compromise.

There is no time for you to indulge in self pampering. On top of that, if your previous relationship was abusive, you are left with very little self esteem and most probably an emotional mess.

We advise you to take a step back and relax. Introspect. Take a look back at your life, and then decide what you want for yourself from now onwards.

You need to be as active as you can, and should evaluate the things you want further for yourself in your life. Once you have decided what you want, you can go about achieving it thereafter.

2. Because If It’s A Race, You Need To Win!


We have always believed that once two people break up, it isn’t a race after that.

But if it is, you need to win. By winning we do not mean that you get yourself into another relationship hurriedly and risk making an even bigger mistake, but what we actually mean is that you take charge of your life, and do something real good with it.

Once you are single again you are free for a lot of time.

Instead of sulking, why don’t you go for the professional specialization course that you have always wanted? Not only would that make you better as an employee, but would also get you new people to meet and new friends to hang out. So get a distraction for yourself that’s productive.

3. Because Sulking For Your Ex Isn’t Going To Get You Anything


There is nothing more counterproductive than sitting down and sulking over your ex. Your partner has moved on, and so should you. You are only going to cause yourself more harm by sulking over and over something which has left you. Instead of sulking over, get out of your comfort zone and meet new people and make some new friends.

4. You Cannot Change A Person


If the relationship had to end, it means that there were some irreconcilable differences. You have to accept the fact that no matter how much you want it for yourself, you cannot change the true nature and character of a person. If your partner had repeatedly cheated on you, we see no reason why he would stop now. If your partner has been forcing you to do something you cannot even think of doing, chances are he wouldn’t stop insisting now, or worse he or she might try to force it down your throat.

5. Because Loyalty Isn’t Rewarded With Loyalty, It Hurts, But It Is True


If you thought that because you were loyal and true in a relationship, you would be rewarded with the same virtues in return, you could not have been more wrong. It is not something you have to take blame for, it is just how the world works. If it happened with you, you should never think that it happened because of your mistake. You were not to blame, make peace with it, and look forward towards your life.

6. When One Door Closes, Another Opens


When one door closes, another opens. If it doesn’t, carve the wall with a chisel and make yourself a window. This is the attitude we recommend you harbour within yourself. If something has been taken away from you, something much greater awaits you.

7. Because Depression Is Real


Because depression is real, and it always has been. You wouldn’t even notice how quickly it would creep into your life and make you feel disabled. The real task is to stop it in its track. Every morning instead of sulking in your bed, Get Up Dress Up and Show Up.

8. Because Your Friends And Family Deserve You Too


Family has always been the ultimate strength for us when we have needed them. But you should also not forget the fact that you are what your family needs when they don’t feel like okay. So always give your family their much deserved true share of your love. If its been long since you visited them, go visit them for a change. If you have some really close friends in a nearby city, we see no reason why you shouldn’t visit them.

9. Value Those Who Value You


If you were in a relationship where you feel you weren’t valued enough, it isn’t something  you should be worried about. There are always people who have loved you unconditionally and would always love you unconditionally. Such people are usually your parents, your close friends, the guy or girl who confessed to you that he or she loved you when you were too young. These are the people who would always be there for you when you need them, and these are the people who deserve your time. If you are feeling low and you feel like being alone, why don’t you give them a call and see for yourself how much you matter to others too.

10. If You Need Sex, You Should Have It


If you feel that getting laid can get you happiness, you should feel no shame in it. There is no social rule that if you have broken up and are feeling low and you want some physical intimacy for yourself, you shouldn’t have it. And if there is one, screw it. You need to go to escorts, eh, do it. The most important thing post breakup is survival and caring for your own happiness, and if that means having sex, do not ever have any second thoughts about it. If you think your best friend might help with it, invite him over. However, we do not recommend involving another ex of yours in this because well, things can get complicated. But if a wild night of physicality is what you require to get into a calm frame of mind, we don’t see any reason why you cannot have it.

You need to accept the fact that it has ended, and no matter how hard it is to swallow it down the throat, the truth is that you have to if you want any good things for you in your life. You cannot keep stagnating at a place and make a mess out of your wonderful life. You need to get out of it, and live everyday as if it were your last. You need to understand that there is only one person who is responsible for your life, and that person is you. So take the reins, and take control of your life.

As the old saying goes, The Show Must Go On.

How To give Your Client The Maximum Pleasure?


The fact “The client’s wish is my command” never gets old. Especially in this service base market where wooing the clients is the only thing which can get you an increment this year. If you are an escort services provider, boy you are in a lot of competition out here. Toronto escorts present you the most secret tips to give your client the ‘maximum pleasure‘:

Honey Bites

toronto escorts

In order to win the heart of your client, you need to be a sweet and smooth talker. There will be a lot of ways by which you can compliment him- which you’ll have to know. You should start with the dress he’s wearing. Ask him politely about his design preferences and flirt it down with a little bit of wine. You should always keep your client’s preferences as the primary motive of your service.

Complement him on his height, size, face, or whatever you think that you can sound real. Men usually take this kind of signal extremely hot. They really do! So not only you are gaining his trust, but you are successfully seducing him..Which brings us to our next point..

Seduce Him

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Seduction is the next most important weapon which you should be able to write papers on. No kidding! As an escort, you need to be a master of seduction. This is the only way you can make your client do whatever you want him to do. Play with your clothes, just flirt bit gentle touches, delaying him the opportunity to touch you..oh believe me, this works like a charm.

Toronto escorts are the masters of the art of seduction. They really do some of the crazy stuffs inside the room which drives the clients crazy.

Give Him Something Extra

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If you think a client fits on a long-run list, the first thing you need to do is to get his attention. Make him feel like he is the most important man that you have right now. If he wants to be a king, be his queen and lead him to the bed. Usually after passionate lovemaking, the time limits starts getting over. That time, provide him a little bit of time extra to spend time with you. Men really adore this special feeling of being the most important thing for a girl they just had sex with.

Always Pay Attention To His Talks

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As an escort, you should always pay attention to what the client is saying. Everything that he says can create a distinguished memory of him in your mind. This can prevent many future altercations from happening. Remember what he likes to eat, drink, color, car, hobbies, secrets and keep him attracted towards your mysterious self.

These are some of the most important tips which every escort should use. Of course, this list is not absolute. There must be any other ways by which you can please your client. What I have presented here is an integration of what all can accumulate in mind keeping the basis idea at its place. All the other methods are just the direct derivatives of the above presented tips.


Society, Women And Escorts

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The companionship industry has always been seen with a sense of taboo by all sorts of people in the society, and this outlook can be generalized for the whole society itself. If the word gets out that someone is working as an escort, the treatment for her by the people close around her changes dramatically. There are really only a handful of people who are okay with their spouse or sister, or for that matter a close friend, working as an escort. If the word gets out in the neighborhood, everybody would see you with a pair of big judgy eyes.

However this should not be the outlook of the society towards companionship professionals in general. This is a profession, just like any other and a person has deal with a certain amount of stress, rules and regulations like any other job. Just because the job involves the contacts of intimate nature, this does not give the right to shame anyone. People do not realize that their rude behavior adds worries to an already stressed out individual’s worries. People need to respect the fact that a profession is the result of the freedom of  choice of a particular individual and hence people should respect one’s courage at least to work in such an industry.

Most Toronto escorts who are in a relationship, tend to make sure that they do not go back home with any marks or scars on their body. This is to make sure that their partners do not know the exact nature of their job. There are only a few handful Toronto escorts who have the blessings of their partner when they go to work, or generally even  a passive acknowledgement. The fear of backlash from the closed ones is what makes most of the escorts deal with their work related stress in seclusion. However times have been changing, and with the broader mindset of the people, the profession is getting some positive acknowledgement and escorts are being respected for who they really are.

When we took a look at the statistics from Toronto escorts, we tend to find a pattern which also reflects the general trend in the society. The majority of the bookings were made to service males. The needs of the women often gets the back seat as far as escorting is concerned. Many females do occasionally make bookings but the number is quite less as compared to what their male counterparts are doing. However with the changing times, more and more women are booking escorts now a days and they are doing it for a variety of reasons. Some do it to experiment, some do it to pimp up their sex life while some do it as a favor to their partner. Whatever the reason might be, women’s participation is increasing as the customer’s of  the companionship industry.

Hiring an escort is an acknowledgement of one’s need by oneself and it means that the individual knows what is best for him to do. Instead of spending days in agony or isolation, you rather give yourself the joys that the human touch has to offer. The ways of doing this really do not matter as long as you are happy and content.

The Lesbian Escort Experience


Escorts get asked for a variety of arrangements by all sorts of people. They get called on for all type of services and different types of packages. Toronto escorts get a chance to meet so many different types of people, and they create a bond with each individual in their own particular way. It is simply amazing how a single person can share moments of lucid intimacy with so many people.

All kinds of people- old and young, married and divorced, single and committed hire escorts for the fulfillment of their intimate desires. People tend to have all kind of reasons for hiring an escort- lack of relationships, lack of trust, being too focused on one’s career, jobs involving constant travel. However, it is special if a lady hires one of our top, premium Toronto escorts.

Bella was not the typical client for any escort agency. First of all she was a female. It is not totally strange to have a female ringing the bells to Ace Toronto escorts, females do get a booking for their spouses or friends from time to time; but this time the girl wanted an escort for herself, which happens for an even lesser number of times.

Anyways, she took quite her time in finalizing the details of her appointment. The time taken for the research was also more because all the packages are designed and defined in a male client centric way. So when a female asks for the same services aimed to be female centric, there has to be some delay in finalizing the prices. Also, she was pretty interested into a well crafted experience, which meant the escort was going to have to do a lot of stuff. After about an hour of enquiry, she booked a three hour outcall.

The escort which was going for the outcall too was quite excited for having such an opportunity. She was bi-curious and had been quite eager to explore her personality as her professional life had given her just the perfect opportunity for it. When she went for the outcall, she was greeted by a beautiful girl at the door. She went inside and they began having a formal conversation.

As it turned out, the client was bisexual and she regularly took time out of her life to experiment and look for new avenues of pleasure. She was also quite vocal about the arrangements of the evening. The encounter began with a full body massage. The room was filled with the aroma of exquisite oils and the escort did her best to give Bella a nice and satisfying experience.

This was followed by a cuddling session and two more glasses of wine. After the wine, the two girls made sure they had a memorable evening. The escort too got a superb feedback. When the interest of the escort matches the interests of the client, sparks fly.

In this case an escort who had a particular interest got a chance to work on the exact same thing. Needless to say, the level of commitment she showed towards her service, it was unparalleled. There are many similar stories with us, where similar exchanges took place, and the client always had a memorable time.


How Not to Ruin Your Evening When You’re with an Escort?

Toronto Escorts

Many people are often complaining after hiring an escort. If you sit down, and listen to them, they would always tell you a hundred things the escort did wrong, and how she was rude and uncultured. But if it were true for every person who complained, the Toronto escorts industry would have vanished by now. The very first basic that people forget to understand is that escorts too, are humans. They can have a good day or a bad day. They too have a personality and are tolerant of some things, where as some things can make them totally go off limits. Such people also tend to not understand the short comings in their own particular behavior, which is almost all the times responsible for a bitter ending to an encounter. Toronto escorts solution brings you a detailed piece on how not to ruin a romantic evening with an escort.


Do Not Be Too Self Centered:

An escort is a lovely person who is trained to service your needs. You have paid her for her services, and this makes her be nice to you, unless you give her plenty of reasons not to do so. While conversing, though it is expected that most of the attention is supposed to be given to you, you should not be a total jerk. Every now and then, you need to bring her into the picture. If you keep everything centered around you, she might lose her interest in you. As an outcome, her zeal for her service gets less, and she cares lesser and lesser about your needs.


Do Not Be Too Pushy:

You already know the details of the evening since you have booked it. You want something more, discuss. Do not push her to include more things for the price you have discussed earlier. Doing this is going to sour her mood. You have to come off as a nice guy, and not an obsessive shopper who wants to have more bang for buck every penny he spends. The more you insist, the less she feels like a human and more like a commodity. Push her a little further, and all hell will break lose for the girl from Ace Toronto escorts.


Do Not Yell Or Threaten Her:

If you have a disagreement over something, you have every right to terminate the booking, and so does she. Under no circumstances, increase the pitch of your voice in front of her. Just because she is an escort does not mean she has to endure abuse at your hands, or that you can treat her any less like a human. If you do, there may be consequences. You may be blacklisted or things can get even worse. Many escorts often have concealed weapons in case a booking goes wrong.


Do Not Be Unhygienic:

Once you have made a booking, you need to spend some time into preparing yourself. You should groom yourself and present yourself in the best way possible. If you fail at this, expect the evening to be a disaster. If it is still a success, bless your stars.


So we have brought out all the things you should avoid to ruin an evening with an escort. Hope you will keep these points in your mind while having your next encounter.